Friday, March 30, 2012

Dinner at Aunt Pat's Then Andy's

We went to my great Aund Pat and Uncle Marv's for dinner the night we got into town. They had never met the quads or Annie so it was fun for everyone. I have quite a few happy memories of Pat and Marv from growing up. They are the happiest people, I always smile when I think of them.

Rori was able to make it. The kids love her!  

I guess you are never too old to sit on your mommas lap.
Me and my Mom

Jake and Aunty Karen

Annie loves to flush the toilet after she goes potty.

Jake showing Rori how to play Sesame Street.

Anthony eating pizza and garlic bread. Aunt Pat made homemade lasagna that was delicious!

Grandma Mitzi and Aunt Pat (she is my dads aunt)

Annie and Jake playing in the screen door.

My brother Andy, lives a couple of blocks away from Aunt Pat and Uncle Marv. They just moved so I wanted to go over and see their new house. Most of us walked over to burn off some of the delicious carbs we ate.

Jake, Grandpa and Jaileigh

Aunt Pat and Annie

Annie wanted me to carry her, Anthony, Uncle Marv and Aunt Pat

Andy has the neatest tree swing.
Grandpa pushing Jaileigh

There is a little play area in the attic/eaves of Andy's house that is so much fun.

Anthony found this suitcase and started hoarding toys in it.

Jake and Gramps on the porch.

Rori and I swinging the kids.

It was such a fun, family filled evening. Thanks for taking pictures Karen!

Thursday, March 29, 2012


We surprised Grandma at work.

Michael sticking his finger in the statues mouth.

Grandma showed us the terrariums that were in her library.


Jaileigh and Annie


Michael again

Upstairs looking downstairs.
Annie, Anthony, Jaileigh, Michael

Ready to go home.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Aunt Cappy and Uncle Joe

I decided to surprise my parents with a visit. I was lucky enough to have Karen drive with me or I would not have made it alone. The quads are getting easier to drive with but Annie is a holy terror! So a HUGE thank you to Karen for making this all possible.

We left Sunday after church. Today was the first day every that the kids attended their church class, Sunbeams, all alone. It was a big step in our church lives. Annie was able to go to nursery with mom. We ran home changed clothes, ate lunch, jumped back in the car and picked Karen up. That night we stayed at Uncle Joe and Aunt Kathy's in Las Vegas.

We stopped in Primm and ate dinner and then walked around the outlet mall for a little bit. The people there were not particularly friendly. I was surprised at how rude some people were.

Looking at the watch display.

Playing with Uncle Joe and the dog, Bailey.

Aunt Kathy made a yummy breakfast. Pancakes and fresh fruit and sausage.

Playing onn the swing with Joe and Karen. Jake is sneaking off behind the hot tub.

We went to the park to play. Annie loved walking the dog.

 The kids talked Karen into going down the slide with them. 


Annie walking the dog with Kathy.

Thanks for letting us stay!

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Sensory Time Once More

We love this place!

The kids always fight over this toy. It's a little house with six different doors that lock. It has 6 different keys on a key chain that open and lock the doors. While we are there no one else gets to play with this toy because my kids carry it everywhere.
Jake and Michael


Annie found a baby.

Jaileigh riding the horse with her baby.

The girls riding the Harley.

Anthony was screaming because he wanted a turn with the coveted toy.

Climbing the rock wall.

Jaileigh, Anthony, Annie, Michael, and Jakob

Jaileigh and Annie

Jaileigh pushing Annie in the swing.