Monday, July 30, 2012

Happy Birthday My 4 Little Miracles

This year the kids birthday fell on Sunday, July 29.  We woke up and ate pancakes and got ready for our 9 am church. Before we left to church, I put Dutch Oven Potatoes in the oven for lunch. All of the kids LOVE dutch oven potatoes.

The kids playing Hungry Hippos before church.

Eating lunch after church.

They came home from church and put on their new swimsuits from Bill and Gina. Jake was too busy eating potatoes to look up for a picture.

Jaileigh and Anthony

For dinner we had corn and steak, another favorite meal.
Antony and Michael eating corn.

Anthony, Jake, Annie (she's licking the butter off)

Michael and Jaileigh

I was just going to do cupcakes for their birthday but Michael threw the biggest fit. He didn't want cupcakes he wanted CAKE!

Making a cake pancake.

My blue eyed baby.

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