Friday, June 29, 2012

Visiting Julie At The FIRESTATION

Aunt Julie works as a paramedic firefighter for the Sandy Fire Department. She invited us down to take a tour of her station on Wednesday.

She greeted them with fire hats.

Jaileigh sitting in the drivers chair.

They got to go inside where the fire fighters sit.

The parade fire truck. This one was really cute.
Jakob and Michael

The view from the other side- Jaileigh, Anthony, Annie and Jakob

Anthony trying out the drivers seat.


Inside the paramedic part of the firetruck. Julie said that a couple of years ago the fire trucks transported patients to the hospitals. Now they don't, they have their own ambulances at the stations that go on calls with them.


Inside the ambulance. Anthony in the back was going through the garbage and pulling gloves out! GROSS!

Julie took us into their "house". This was their dayroom area. The kids got to watch an educational video on fire.

Annie wanted to sit with Julie.

Jaileigh and Michael


Julie had her partner dress in his gear in front of the kids. She said that a lot of kids are afraid of fire fighters and will actually hide from them. They like to dress in front of the kids to show them that they aren't scary.

Giving high fives and fist bumps to Bryant the fireman.

 After being inside the station and seeing the real firefighter the kids were really excited and weren't shy anymore. They wanted to know what everything was. Julie was really nice and showed them all kinds of things.

Holding on to the fire hose.

Michael and Anthony


Ringing the bell.

She's ready to roll.

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