Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Temple Square in Salt Lake City

On Monday we drove down to Salt Lake City so we could visit Temple Square. It is so beautiful and peaceful down there!

The boys checking out the statue.

My beautiful family!

Sweet Jaileigh



Michael and Jake

Someone had to go potty so we went into the visitors center. They have this really neat temple replica that shows the interior of the temple. It was really cool to look at. They also have computers surrounding it that give a visual tour and explain what goes on in each of the rooms.

The temple was closed for cleaning and repairs. Thre was this fence around the whole temple. My kids were watching the workers set up the scaffolding.

Playing at the reflecting pool.

A link to the Salt Lake LDS temple




Trying to get a group picture.
Anthony, Michael, Annie, Jake, Jaileigh

Anthony and Michael

The two babies of the quads- Jake and Jaileigh

The baby, baby- Annie

Another fountain.


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