Thursday, June 21, 2012

A Random Birthday Song

Annie climbed onto my counter top, opened the cupboard, found the candles and the matches and decided it was someones birthday. We stuck the candles in a donut and sang "Happy Birthday" to each child. They thought it was pretty fun.

Annie Belle- the BOSS!

Jaileigh Bailey my Princess.

Mr. Michael- from time to time we call him "eeyore". One of his favorite sayings is, "I can't know how". He is trying to say, I don't know how but he really means I don't want to.

My Jakey ray of sunshine! Home devil, street angel!

Anthony, my little sweetheart!

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Marci said...

Dang those are good looking kids!! I love your definition for each of them. Wish it hasn't been nearly 4 years since I've seen you, we've gotta figure something out!