Monday, July 16, 2012

Painting Cookies

A long time ago I bought a cookie painting kit from a clearance rack. Jakob has been bugging me to make them ever since. I finally just did it and it was so much fun. The set came with the cookie dough mix, frosting mix, 6 animal cookie cutters, edible paint and 6 paintbrushes. It was $3!

I let the kids roll out their dough and cut out 2 cookies. We then baked them and then I let them paint. Annie went down for a nap while the cookies were cooking so she didn't get to paint. She probably would have just eaten the paint so it was ok that she missed.

Jaileigh and Anthony



Michael refused to smile.

Annie and Jake helped do dishes while the cookies baked.

Anthony and Jaileigh painting their cookies.

Michael and Jakob



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