Saturday, June 30, 2012

Living Planet Aquarium

After the firestation we went to the Aquarium that is just around the corner from Julie's fire station. The kids had so much fun. The aquarium is pretty small but it was very kid friendly.

Waiting in line.

Annie with her sticks from the parking lot.

Jaileigh hiding in the rocks.

This small canoe was a hit.

The penguins.

They had a small stuffed penguin that weighed 12-13 pounds, the same weight that a real penguin weighs. The kids could barely lift it.

An Anaconda.

They loved this frog.

They had stingrays to pet but they weren't very friendly. I guess they are really friendly at feeding time which was at 2:30 but you have to pay $6.00 to participate. I thought this was dumb. At the Longbeach Aquarium, the stingrays were very friendly and you didn't have to pay.

That was the only downfall in the whole aquarium. I really liked how they had a large mix of animals from all over.  It has 1250 animals and 267 species on display. There are 3 main sections; the  Discover Utah, Ocean Explorer, and Journey to South America! It was definitely worth the visit.

After our visit here we met Grandma and Rori at City Creek mall for lunch. The kids were so tired and worn out by this time that lunch was quick.

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