Sunday, July 1, 2012

Horse Rides

On Thursday night we went over to Linda's for a dinner gathering. After we went over to Julie's to ride her horses. The kids talk about Julie and her horses all the time!

Waiting at the gate for Grandma and Linda to catch the horses.

Annie and Mommy

I think Annie loved the horses the most. She definitely got the most turns.

Jaileigh was a little scared at first. Her face makes me laugh.

 We quickly learned that doubling them up makes the turns go faster.
Jake and Jaileigh

Michael and Anthony

Tristan and Julie

Anthony, Annie and Michael playing on the ladder.

Grandma found Jaileigh a seat- an old bucket turned over.

Jake and Anthony

Mr Blue Eyes- Michael


Annie wanted to feed the horses.

Sisters riding together.

Feeding the other horse.

Anthony and Tristan having a good time.

Jake feeding Ruca

Linda and her daughter Christy, my cousin.


Annie hugging the horse.

Jaileigh and Julie Annie

Michael and Anthony petting Spirit

Jake loved this wagon. He pulled it all over the field.

My aunt Nancy and cousin Katie rode their horses down to visit us and then all of the kids wanted more rides.

Jaileigh riding Katie's horse- Shadow.

Even Rori got to ride a horse.

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