Thursday, July 12, 2012

Happy Independence Day!

We were at my parents house for the 4th of July. Mike was at home in California. He didn't get to be with us with the 4th landing in the middle of the work week. We went up to Pine Valley with my parents and sister. It was so much fun.

As soon as we pulled up the kids had to go for a ride on the cow/bull.

Jake looks a little nervous.

Anthony and Jaileigh were nervous too.

Michael wasn't as nervous.

They we headed over to eat breakfast. Breakfast was served at the LDS church house. This is where I had my Bridal pictures taken. The ward put the breakfast on. They served scones and fresh watermelon. Delicious!




Grandma with her girls.

Jake with his hero!

I tried to get a picture with everyone looking but there was too much going on.
Michael, Annie, Jaileigh, Anthony and Jakob

Annie and Michael playing on the stairs.

We went home around noon so Rori could get to work. The kids napped and then we headed over to Andy's house for dinner and fireworks.

Legend and Jaileigh swinging.


All of the grandkids eating Popsicles from Grandma.


Pop Its and Sparklers!

Anthony had a dud sparkler.

Jaileigh and Annie

Waiting for a sparkler.




Michael, Jake and Legend with Grandpa



When I was growing up in St. George I worked at the local swimming pool. One of my former coworkers rented the pool for  the 4th of July and invited everyone to come swim. We went over once the kids started to get a little wild and to waste some time before the fireworks started.

I was really scrounging for towels. Grandpa had one in his truck, I had a blanket, and then we found one at the pool someone let me use.

Big yawns!

Even bigger!


I couldn't get Michael out of the pool.

Major and Legend.

We went back to Andy's just in time for the fireworks.

Rori came right from work.

They were a little scared of the noise but over all liked it. This was my first time in 4 years being able to see them. The year they were born I was in the hospital and then the next few years I didn't let the kids stay up.

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