Sunday, June 24, 2012

The BBQ At Julie's

We got to Julie's house a little earlier than everyone else so we entertained ourselves for awhile.

Michael riding Julie's saddle.


Michael with his "I'm being a turkey" grin.


My aunt Julie (my dads baby sister) and my cousin, Hannah.

My aunt Jenny's boy, Evan.

Jenny's husband, Dan, and their Baby George.

Grandpa Dan

My cousins, Carter and Cameron.

My twin cousins, Gracie and Cameron.
People ask me all the time if twins or quadruplets run in my family and I say, "Yes,my moms sister has a set of twins, my dads brother has a set, and Mike's grandfather was a twin.  That must be how I got quadruplets!" Bhahahhaa! Then I run away from them and laugh out loud!

Baby George with Uncle Davey

My cousin Sylvia.

My kids got into the ice chest and played in the ice. The other little cousins soon joined them. They started sticking their heads in the ice water. Brrrrrrr!

Some responsible adult {not me, I'm really not that responsible. If the kids are having fun and it isn't hurting anything then I let them play.} decided that they didn't want the kids playing in the ice anymore and employed poor Parker to sit on the ice chest. Michael was so mad! He tried as hard as he could to get Parker off.

My kids had so much fun playing with their cousins! There were many tears when we had to go. We had to leave so that we could check in to our place in Park City.

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