Friday, July 27, 2012

Aunty Meggles!

Our sweet Aunty Megha came to visit and brought gifts! The kids birthday is on the 29th. I can't believe they are going to be 4!!! WOW!!!

Now that they kiddos are a little older they are learning that birthdays mean presents and they love it. You can see that they went right to work opening them.

Anthony and his new magnifying glass. He kept calling it his magnet.




The quads ripped through their presents in 2 seconds flat. Annie was opposite. She took her time and opened each present, played with it before moving to the next present. So funny.



Playdoh time. Megha taught them how to make playdoh pizza. Hooray!

Olives anyone?

Jaileigh modeling Megha's Audrey Hepburn glasses.

Annie and her gazillion bracelets.

Megha reading a book. Everyone wants a spot!

Thanks Megha! Thanks for everything! She has been such a lifesaver to me since the quads were born. I have relied on her time and time again and she always saves me. She just seems to know when I need her and POOF there she appears. We love you!

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