Saturday, June 23, 2012

Annual Trip To Park City

Every year since we have been married we have gone to Park City for a week. This year our trip landed between a wedding and a family reunion. While in Utah I scheduled some much needed dental work. I have tried several dentists in California and for some reason they all rip me off! We decided it was worth the gas money and time for me to go to my old dentist in St. George. My dentist in California wanted to charge me $6900 and my insurance $2000. She said I needed 3 root canals, bone lengthening and a bunch of other stuff done. My dentist in Utah said I don't need anything she said, that I just had a few cavities and needed a good cleaning. He is charging my insurance $787 and we will probably have to pay 20-30% because he is out of network. WOW! I would have paid the $787! It is also such a blessing that we can stay at my parents house!

My mom flew my sister, Rori, down on Tuesday so that she could help me drive to St. George on Wednesday. We left at 4:00 a.m. and had a uneventful trip. I visited the dentist on Wednesday and Thursday. Mike drove to St. George after work on Friday. The traffic on a Friday into Vegas is brutal!!!! He got stuck in that traffic and then found out the freeway was closed due to a gas spill near Primm, Nevada. He was able to take a side freeway to Searchlight and then back to Vegas and on to St. George but didn't get in until midnight. We were supposed to leave by 5 or 6 to make our wedding in Salt Lake but that didn't happen. We did make it in time for our Aunt Julies BBQ. Hooray!

I really didn't do a great job photographing this trip. I remember last year I had over 3,000 pictures to go through. This time I don't think I even have 1/2 that.

At Grandma's we played, played and played some more!

Jakey getting some Grandma loves.

Cousin "Baby Legend"

Cousin Major

Jaileigh looking at Grandma with adoring eyes. She loves Grandma so much!

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