Monday, June 4, 2012

Memorial Day Celebrations

This post was pushed back because of  Annie's birthday taking center stage. We had a quiet memorial day at home with the family. We cleaned and lounged around in the morning.

While the quads napped Annie got a little one on one time. She napped earlier than they did. This is a new trick she's learned. If she naps early she gets mom and dad to herself.

Annie wanted to go to the store. That is her new thing, going to the store. She will walk up to me and say, "Store Mom, let's go, daddy's car." She gets her shoes on and waits by the door. She loves to shop. We went to the local shops and looked for her a new pair of shoes for her birthday.

This is what she picked out. Of course they weren't on sale and they were 3 sizes too big but she wouldn't take them off. She wore them around the store even with them tied together.

She is playing hide and seek. She says 'find me mom".

Jake had to try the boots on too.

Yes, that is Jake with the pink backpack and red star boots. Classy right!

Anthony with the boots.

After naps we played in the pool and BBQed. Mike loves the Hebrew National Hot Dogs from Costco. They are HUGE and gross (I think). Jake ate 1.5 of them.



Jake working on his last half.

Annie working on her turkey dog. She doesn't like the Hebrew dogs either.

Jaileigh going down the slide.

Anthony woke up really late from his nap. He was one tired kid.

Jaileigh finally got a hold of the boots. She went upstairs and dressed herself. She said she was like Grandpa Pops with her jeans and boots. I told her I didn't think Grandpa tucked his pants into his boots. She said he does!

Michael and his elephant.

Anthony and Michael

Jakeroni! That big grin always means trouble.


Daddy's Boy!

My little princess.

I made star jello and put whipping cream on top. They loved the whipping cream!

We went for a walk after.

Jaileigh all of a sudden grew confident enough on her own!

Happy late Memorial!

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