Monday, June 18, 2012

Happy Father's Day

I asked Mike what he wanted to do for Father's Day and he said he wanted to go to the beach. Saturday late afternoon we packed up and headed to the beach for a few hours.

Anthony and Annie on Daddy's paddle board.

Daddy took everyone out for a ride. They were so excited! Look at Anthony's huge grin!

Annie wanted everyone's turn. She did not want to get off the board.

Jaileigh running over for her turn.


Jaileigh's turn.

Jakob's turn. He wanted to bring his bucket too.

Michael loved the ride the most Mike said.

Daddy got to take a couple of rides all alone.

I even went out for a ride. That is me right in the middle of the picture.

Jaileigh wanted her clothes on because it was chilly but then she wanted to swim too. Good thing I brought extra, extra clothes!

Happy Father's Day Daddy!!!

Happy Father's Day to my dad too!
He was the best dad but now he an even greater Grandpa! He is my kids HERO! If I tell them that Grandpa Pops will do it or wear it then they will do it or wear it. They love him so much. We love you Grandpa!

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Sara Ann said...

That looks so fun!