Friday, June 8, 2012


F.H.E. stands for Family Home Evening. In our religion we try to hold family home evening once a week, usually on Monday nights, some do it on Sunday evenings. Our church held a big FHE this Monday night. It was the biannual FHE BBQ in the park. It was the first one we have attended and the kids had a blast. Mike and I had fun but it is never the same social fun as our kids have. Having 5 children 3 and under makes it hard to have a lot of social interaction. We do try though.

I didn't get too many pictures. It was too hard to keep track of the camera and the kids.



Annie Belle



The kids played in the park, got their hands painted (face painting), and played a little baseball. They also participated in the balloon toss. Anthony and I did pretty well until Mike missed the catch and it splatted. I fed the kids before we came because I didn't think they would sit and eat but they did! They ate a ton of food too! I think Jaileigh ate a whole watermelon by herself.

After tonight Mike decided that there is no way he is coaching t-ball. I told him he has to because we really need the discount. BHAhahahaha!

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