Wednesday, June 20, 2012


My amazing aunt just traveled across the country with her children (from North Carolina all the way to California!). She is on a 5-6 week field trip and they are loving it. They came to visit us on Father's Day and they even brought lunch for all of us, In-N-Out. She and Mike got to meet each other and our kids got to meet each other. It was so fun to have so many cousins around.

This was the ONLY time that all the kids were holding still or sitting. They played so hard!

Giving Daddy some Father's Day loving.

Evan is the oldest, 9, and my kids loved him. The kept calling him Big Boy. "Hey Big Boy, where are you?" or "Hey Big Boy, come get me." He was so cute to play with them. Annie just sat there and watched him put the train together.

My baby girl.

They left around 3 to go to Carlsbad beach and Legoland. How fun! Thanks for stopping by!

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