Sunday, June 10, 2012

Canyon Lake Beach Playdate

There is a private community near us that has a man made lake inside it. On Friday we were invited  with a playgroup to go to their beach day. The kids were so excited to go to the beach again. They were a little disappointed that there weren't waves. haha. When we got home all my kids were itching so I threw them in the shower and soaped them down. That didn't help so I ended up having to give them a half dose of benedryl and rubbed hydrocortisone on their arms and legs. After their naps they were fine. It was very strange. I guess we won't be going back to that lake.


Jake- the sand was really hot so they didn't play in it too long.

It was naptime!

Michael was smart and hing out in the water the whole time.

Warming up on the sand- Anthony


With some of our friends. Thanks for inviting us!

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