Monday, June 11, 2012

Cali Quad Family Get Together

Try saying that 3 times in a row, Cali Quad Family Get Together. I can't even type it! 3 Southern California quad families got together this weekend at a beach in Del Mar. Do you know how hard it is to get to the beach with your own family? Then we had to coordinate 3 families meeting in the same place at the same time. We did it though! We had a ton of fun and it was really neat watching the kids interact with each other. My kids really don't ask about why there are 4 or 5 of them or why they share a birthday. Right now it is their "normal". The other day though Jaileigh asked me why this other family only had one baby instead of 4. Sometime soon they may start to realize they are a little extraordinary. For now we live in our little bubble.

Jake's 2nd home is at the beach. He loves the beach and the ocean. He will entertain himself for hours just playing.

Michael loves it too but when we get home he says he doesn't love it because he gets all sandy. He is my clean freak, hates to get dirty. He does a good job at the beach though! I am still cleaning sand out of his ears and hair.

Annie has always, always loved the sand. I have pictures of her when she was tiny rolling around in it.

Anthony ran out into the waves and got knocked over today. I had to run out with Annie to drag him up. Didn't even phase him. Another beach lover!

My littles watching the Duggan quad family. They have 4 girls.

Checking out the other quads.

Jaileigh with sunscreen and dirt stuck to her face.

My little water baby- Annie Grace

The kids interacting a little. It took them awhile to warm up.

Jake- It was really windy there and pretty chilly. Looking at these pictures I just noticed how dirty the beach was. A ton of seaweed and grass all over.

Our other quad family the Woodcock's. The have 3 girls and one boy. They also have Peyton and older brother.

The 3 quad mommas- Stephanie, Teri and Amber

The Duggan Family

The Woodcock Quads with their daddy.

Four of my little ones. Actually my fifth is way out there in the top right corner playing in the sand.


All 14 of the children. 13 of the 14 were 3 and under. Whew!

Poor little Jake was so worn out. He fell alseep in the car and didn't wake up until 30 minutes before bedtime and then he went right back to sleep.

Jaileigh was a little zombie.

Giving me the foot when I requested a picture. They were watching Peter Pan.

Mr. Goof!

She never woke up!

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Kari said...

What a blast! Playdates with other quad families are the best!