Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Baby Beach

Last weekend we went to Baby Beach in Dana Point Harbor. On the way there we got stuck behind a motorcycle accident. We took the Ortega Highway, a 2 lane highway through the mountains, and a motorcycle crashed blocking both lanes. We waited for over an hour for it to be cleaned up. Thank goodness the weather was cool and our car was stopped in shade. We let the kids out of the car and they just stood and looked at all the motorcycles behind us. It helped that we had just stopped at Costco so I had plenty of snacks.

  By the time we got to the beach it was after 4 and a little chilly. The kids all wanted there jackets on and Jaileigh wanted pants on. It was still in the high 60's.

Checking out the ship. The figurehead on the front of the ship was a sailor holding a log. The kids thought he was holding a big salami. Too funny!






The kids thought it was hilarious to do flips in the sand.

Daddy making sand castles.

Baby beach was great. It was a little harbor so no big waves. A lot of familes hanging out, pretty clean, and warmer water. Hooray!

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