Friday, June 15, 2012

Annie's Well Baby Visit

I took Annie in to see Dr. Ambrose on Tuesday for her 2 year well baby visit. All the kids were excited to see him because he always gives them hugs, kisses, and gummy bears. They warned Annie that she was going to get a shot and they weren't going to. Our appointment was at 10:00 and I left at 8:15, thank goodness. It was only a 45 minute drive but I wanted to be on time! I had to gas up too. We were on the freeway about 15 minutes and Annie says "Poop mommy!" I asked her several times if she was sure before I pulled off the freeway. I keep a potty chair in the car. I can't imagine having to unload all 5 and have to take them in a gas station restroom. YUCK!  4 out of the 5 had to go potty despite me asking before we left the house if anyone had to go. I got everyone back in the car, reseatbelted and off we went.

We got there by 9:30 and the same 4 kids had to go to the bathroom again. Wowzers! Annie was sleeping so I took a picture of the quaddies.

Jakob, Jaileigh, Michael and Anthony

We were in and out of Dr. Ambrose within 30 minutes. They were so fast. He was excited to see the kids. We have been pretty healthy and haven't had to go to him for a long time. Annie is amazing he said. He was very impressed that she was potty trained and that she was such a brave girl. She just whimpered a little when he looked at her bottom. Here are her stats-

Weight- 30 lbs (75%)
Height- 37 inches (95%)

He figured out her BMI and said she is a little on the skinny side for her height. I think that he was thinking she was chunky because next to the tiny quads she looks big. She is just a tall, skinny, normal baby girl. She got one shot in her leg and didn't even cry. She told Daddy when she got home that "The doctor poked my leg daddy!"

Dr. Ambrose said we won't need to see him until the quads turn 5 or right before kindergarten. He said he doesn't need to see them for their 4 year well baby visit or Annie for her 3 year well baby unless I feel they need to be seen. He said they all looked to be healthy, well and thriving. Hooray! I'm sure we will see him before then for sickness but what a relief to be told you don't need to worry about preemie issues anymore.

We went to the fountains in Victoria Gardens after. This was my bribe. If they were good at the doctor I would take them to play in the fountains. The kids weren't as impressed as they were last year when we came. They only played for about 15 minutes and then wanted to go swimming at home. So that's what we did. . . .went home and went swimming.





Michael and Jakob


Anthony and Jaileigh

Anthony and Annie



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