Sunday, January 29, 2012

Building Trains

With Mikes work he gets reward points. Around Christmas time he was able to turn his reward points in and get this really cool train table for the kids. It has taken us this long to put it together. Today was one of the days when nothing was making the kids happy. They were fighting and cranky, and whiny and just plain unhappy. I decided it was time to put the table together. Together, the kids and I, drug the HEAVY box in from the garage and put the table together.

So excited!

Annie holding up part of the drawer so I could put the rollers on it.

Jake and Jaileigh helping. They were my biggest and most reliable helpers. The others helped in between playing with other toys.

Putting the drawer together.

The table minus the drawer.

Anthony the fireman.

All done!

Jake claimed the crane.

Anthony claimed the gas station.

Jaileigh putting together the tracks.

Annie "helping". She is cutting a couple of incisors so likes to chew on things.

 Michael hoarding the trains. He has since claimed the helicopter and airplane as his.

Jaileigh working on her tracks still.



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