Saturday, January 28, 2012

Sticker and Puzzle Fun

I have a big basket full of puzzles downstairs and a big stack of them upstairs. My kids love puzzles. Upstairs, when they wake up from naps early they will sit and put them together. The puzzles are really easy for them so I threw all the pieces together and make them sort and find the pieces to the puzzle they are putting together.


Michael and Annie kept trading places. She would do puzzles then get down, he would take her seat and do puzzles then get down, she would come back. I didn't get a picture of her doing puzzles, just Michael.


Amazingly, Jake has the most patience with puzzles. Mike jokes all the time and says he has ADD because he has so much energy. I think he just has a lot of energy!

Annie climbed on the counter and was playing hide and seek with herself.


We later did stickers. The kids LOVE these but I don't! They get all over everything and are so hard to get off. They each have a little notebook and are able to stick their stickers wherever they want in their notebook.


Esther and Brian said...

hi...wanted to ask you, as a fellow mom of multiples (although "just" twin boys, same exact age as your older kiddos)-do your kids fight/having issies with sharing often? at 41 months, we are going through a really rough patch with not sharing, always wanting to be with the other person, not able to do their own puzzles (have to bug into the other ones, thus, creating fights),'s so bad right now! it's fine at preschool, not at home...anyhow, if you have any of these issues, how do you deal with discipline? what works for your kiddos? thanks!!!!

Kari said...

Love the idea of little notebooks for the stickers! My kids love playing stickers too and we just use paper that I throw away later but they would love the notebooks! BTW I hate the mess of them too! :)