Monday, January 16, 2012

MLK Holiday In Julian, CA

For months now we have been getting propaganda in the mail to attend a RV resort time-share presentation. In return we were to get 20 nights free camping and a notebook computer. We finally decided to try it. We had to stay at their resort for 3 nights and attend the presentation on the 2nd day {for free}. This was the perfect weekend to do it. After Mike got home from work, we loaded the RV and headed out.

By the time we got there it was dark, I still let the kids out to help daddy set up. The drive took us a little over two hours so they needed to stretch their legs.  It was freezing about 40 degrees and a little windy. They didn't even care.

The next morning having a little chat over milk.
Michael, Annie, Jaileigh, Anthony

and here's the Jakester!

As soon as I would let them they went outside to play. We brought all of their bikes and scooters. Annie doesn't have a bike so she uses this little toy that Anthony is riding. It turned out to be the fought over toy this trip. There was a little hill behind the RV that they would ride it down.

They dumped all the toys out of the toy bucket and carried them up to the top of the hill.
Jake, Jaileigh, Annie

Michael running down the hill.

Annie with her baseball bat in the middle of the toy pile.

Jaileigh moving dirt with her shovel.



Annie having issues with her hat.


Anthony was mad at Jaileigh because she wasn't sharing so he told her he was going to ride her bike. It's funny how they fight.

Jake and Michael

Hey Pigpen!!!
This girl was ROLLING in the dirt. She loves it. I was a little worried the red dirt wouldn't come out of her pants but it did after 2 washes.

Jaileigh in the midst of a tantrum. She thinks every turn is her turn and she doesn't have to share. Oh little one, so much to learn!

Michael riding down the hill. Jaileigh rode down this hill on her boke and crashed into a bush. That was enough for everyone not to want to try it, everyone but Jake. He had to try it too. He almost ran into the back of the RV. I think he tried it on his bike and on his scooter.

That's it for now. I will try to get more up later tonight. Hope you enjoyed!

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Catherine Pittman said...

We bought a trailer a few years ago and got suckered into the timeshare speal. Glad we didn't buy. Once we were able to research the reviews we learned quickly we wouldn't want to be within 20 miles of their company. Funny thin is a few months afterwards I got a bunch of claims (I am a claims adjuster for travel trailers and rvs) in where a guy who got suckered into one of their deals and two days later the company refused to cancel it without him jumping through hoops so we went on a rampage and destroyed a bunch of peoples trailers by running through camp sites with a large truck towing a trailer. Interesting! LOL....