Thursday, January 26, 2012

Hugs, Hugs, and More Hugs

Even though last week was a short week, holiday on Monday, it was such an exhausting week that seemed to last forever. I think I had appointments for something or other every day except Friday. I was so excited for Friday because it was the end to a long week, and we got to play with our friends and relax. The new game for the evening was, hugs!

Jaileigh tackeling poor Andrew

After a long napless day, full of fun and friends, the crew fell asleep in ten minutes flat.
If you look closely at this picture you may see something pretty silly, other than the fact that there are 5 little bodies in it.

Annie is wearing her bike helmet. That stubborn little girl would NOT let me take it off!

I did finally get it off her and she was in a deeper sleep.

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