Monday, January 2, 2012

Church On Christmas

We went to church on Christmas for only an hour. Usually church is 3 hours and thank goodness it wasn't on this day. When we got home we hurried and tried to get a family picture before the kids ran off. Everyone else that went to church with us (Andy, Tia, Grandma, Grandpa) disappeared so we only have our family's picture.

Michael, Jaileigh. Annie, Anthony, Jake

Little Miss Annie

Dapper Anthony with Annie

Sisters! This picture makes me laugh. When I look at us I see two different looking people but we were asked several times if we were twins. Rori was very offended seeing as she is so much younger than I. I, of course had to be flattered!

Rori being a goof with Jaileigh.

 Andy styling with Grandma's new shower cap that Michael picked out. I let the kids pick out gifts for Grandma and Grampa. When Grandma visits our house she always wears a shower cap when she showers. Michael found this one at the store and had to get it for her. I was surprised that he put two and two together and remembered. We hope she loves it as much as Michael and Andy do.

Andy even let Jaileigh try it on.

Helping Anthony with his jacket.

I think when I was in college my dad built this bridge in the backyard.

Anthony and Michael

Daddy walking Jaileigh, Jake and Annie to the swings.


Jaileigh and her daddy.

Mike is in a Christmas coma, Andy has a ricebag on his head and Grandpa is puzzled by something.
Another perfect Christmas spend with what is most important, FAMILY!

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