Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Babies Don't Keep

I am going to stir a few waters here and go against a widely spread posting that did not settle too easily with me. It was called  Don't Carpe Diem.  I have attached the link if you would like to read it. The author gets offended when people tell her to enjoy every minute with her children because in the blink of an eye they will be grown. She is offended by this for some reason. I am sure the article was written, tongue in cheek, but I was still disturbed. The fact that I am an optimist may have caused this to not settle well.

Having quadruplets and then another right away makes me want to savor each moment even more. All of my babies won't be babies, all at once, if that makes sense. They aren't spread out so that I get the extra years or months in between each to savor the moments.  So, I try to savor every single moment, good and bad. I try to make every second count and I try to remember and document as much as possible {which is why I have such a crazy obnoxious blog}.  Also, why I let my kids crawl in bed with me whenever they want, stay at home with them, kiss them, hug them, overprotect them, smother them. Maybe why I am more patient than I should be when disciplining.

Please don't think that my life is all roses and peaches. Life is what we make of it though. You can choose how to respond to certain situations, a smile or a scream. When your child is throwing the eggs on the floor or the garbage down the toilet, you have a choice. They WILL all be far and distant memories one of these days, so just smile and help them clean it up {after taking a picture}.

My aunt had a discussion about this very subject on her facebook and I was so relieved to find that I was not the only one who did NOT like the carpe diem article. From this discussion I found this link to someones blog called Babies Don't Keep. I found this to be a much better post! Loved it! So thank you Jenny and Under the Bamboo Tree for making me not feel so alone.

I really did not want to sound preachy but I did need to vent. I apologize if I offended any of you, that was not my intention at all. I was merely stating that there are always two sides to every story and this was my side. Now after a few weeks of stewing about this I think I can sleep well.

Oh and . . . . CARPE DIEM!

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