Wednesday, November 30, 2011

My Little Turkeys

Grandma, Grandpa, Rori and the dog (Taylor) came on Wednesday before Thanksgiving. The kids were so excited! My kids love dogs until they get too close and then they are scared. They pray for Taylor everytime we say prayers as well as every relative and friend we have. I was very surprised when they wanted Grandma to bring her dog to our house. They talked about it all the time. It turned out the grandma's dogsitter couldn't watch her so Grandma got to bring her to our house. Oh boy! We had so much fun! Good thing our landlord doesn't allow pets, I have an excuse not to get a dog besides the one that I am just mean! My kids love Taylor!

Anthony, Jakob and Michael with Grandma, Rori and Taylor 

Grandpa and Jake

Michael and Grandma

Annie LOVES her grandpa. She always has like him, ever since she was a tiny baby. The have a special bond that I am sure will last forever.

My baby turkey.
Grandma brought turkey hats.

Aunty Rori being silly!

Grandpa getting loved on.

Poor grandpa getting jumped on.

I had to move the "dresser" because the kids thought it was so fun to jump off of. It is now in the entry way and sporting a new shade of stain.



Good night hugs and kisses.

Resting with Grandpa
Jake and Jaileigh

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

She Did It Again!

Another successful photo shoot!

We got our pictures from Allie (you can also friend her on facebook)! I am so excited. Everytime we get them I swear they are the best yet. She is such an excellent photographer. I love her! Here is a little sample of what she did. This post I will give you most of the family pictures. The next post(s) I will do the kids individual pictures. Enjoy!

Michael, Anthony, Jaileigh, Jake and Annie

I LOVE her face and the fact that Jake does too!

"Mom we are done!"

I hate to say this but feel that with all the crazies out there I must. All of these pictures are copyrighted so please DO NOT COPY or STEAL! I have not watermarked them because I am still a trusting soul. If you need a copy please let me know and I will personally email it to you. Thank you!!

Monday, November 28, 2011

Homemade Granola

Caroline came to visit one day. The kids clearly took advantage of her and made her hang out in their pirate ship. Jaileigh, Caroline, Jake and Michael


A few times she and ALL the kids were in the pirate ship with the step ladder and a dump truck.

Michael trying to "fix" the dump truck.

Karen came to visit too. She is on Thanksgiving break so had a few days off of work. She got to read stories for hours. These two girls are so loved at our house! My kids absolutely go crazy when they come over.
Anthony, Karen and Jaileigh

Every once in awhile I get a wild hair and make some homemade granola. From the looks of things I might have to make it a little more often.

Jaileigh, Annie, Michael, Anthony and Jakob

Anthony is wearing Jaileigh's dress. The boys decided it's cool to wear dresses. I'm allowing it in the house for awhile but when we go out they have to wear their clothes. Silly boys! Despite all the various states of dress and undress in all of my pictures, I really do dress my children in nice, clean, matching clothes. Something happens during the day and they all end up looking like homeless kids.

Daddy loves it too!

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Santa Baby, Here We Come

On Mike's birthday we went to the Soup Plantation for dinner, with the kids, and then went to see Santa in the mall. The kids were so excited and just walked right up to him. They all asked for baby dolls in different colors (green, pink and blue) and cameras. I guess they know what they want. We didn't pay for the picture and Mike just snapped a few from a distance because you aren't supposed to take pictures. We will have to go back and get a good picture.

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Presents, Cake, Pictures

The kids and I made Daddy a birthday a Chocolate Rum Cake for his birthday. We did it all from scratch. They love birthdays!

His birthday morning we got up early to open presents.

The kids all made him a birthday card with their handprints.

This picture is so cute but it's so dark. If you turn your computer a little you might be able to see it. It's Annie holding presents and Jake grinning at her. She thought the presents were for her.

Daddy's big present this year was his Harley Quilt. The kids and I worked on it for a long time. They were so excited to give it to him.

After presents we went downstairs for cake. Growing up we always had cake for breakfast. Mike and I haven't followed this tradition yet but this year we did. The kids loved it! Sugar highs bright and early.

Jake's eyes are already glazed over.






The reason for doing all the birthday stuff so early is because we had pictures with Allie. I only took a few pictures this time. So here is a little teaser while we all patiently wait for Allie to edit and get us the rest.

Michael, Anthony, Jaileigh, Jakob, Annie