Monday, October 31, 2011

Starry-Eyed Jack

Our friend Kristen brought with her three HUGE pumpkins. Sunday night we got busy carving one of those ginormous pumpkins.

Anthony and Jake were pretty excited.

Jaileigh was fascinated with the "yucky stuff"

Annie had so much fun!

Daddy cleaning out the insides for Mommy.


Jake dropped this tiny piece of plastic inside the pumpkin and then retrieved it again. He had to show it off.

Some close ups of Jaileigh

Annie riding her "neigh, neigh"

Even Michael came over for a little bit.

The finished product.

Our starry eyed Mr Jack O'Lantern!

Pumpkin Painting

We did our annual pumpkin painting Sunday morning before our baths.They each picked out their own pumpkin last night at the pumpkin patch.

The kids started out painting so nicely.





Then it all went down hill. Let the fun begin! Daddy had never been a participant in painting until today. I think he was a little overwhelmed. I let him be in charge of the bath while I cleaned up the other mess.


Oh she is wild!



Mr Clean

They just kept getting messier and messier.

Then they were putting on their make-up like Grandma! I laughed so hard when they said that!

Even Michael got a little dirty.

Sunday, October 30, 2011

The Pumpkin Patch

We had to cancel going to the big, cool pumpkin patch this year because all the kids were sick. Last minute we were able to go to this cute, little one in Temecula.

Trying to get a good group photo.

This one is cute of Jaileigh

Annie looking at the goats.

We bought tickets to the petting zoo.
Only Jake and Annie wanted to go in at first.

Petting the bunny.

Trying to pet the pig.


The rest of the group watching us in the petting zoo.
Kristen, Mike/Michael, Anthony and Jaileigh

Jaileigh decided she wanted to go in to the petting zoo. So did Michael and Anthony. Once in Michael wanted out so we let him out. The other two enjoyed it.

Jaileigh petting the bunny.

Anthony and Jaileigh chasing the bunny.

Anthony was a little scared of the goats.

Michael looking in from afar.

Watching the games.
Annie, Anthony, Jake, Michael and Jaileigh

Anthony playing on the pumpkins.

We finally let the kids play the games. Cowboy Roy was so cute with the kids. Jake didn't even want Mike or I to help him. He walked out there all by himself.
Jake knocking down the crows.

Mike helping Anthony.

Jaileigh played too. Everyone picked bubbles for their prize. Michael didn't want to play so Anthony played two games. When Michael saw that everyone had bubbles he started screaming that he wanted bubbles. He was screaming too! I was ignoring him because I wasn't sure what to do. We didn't have anymore tickets and the line was so long. All of a sudden he stopped screaming. I looked over and Jaileigh had given him her bubbles. She said, "He can have my bubbles." I was so impressed with her selfless act. She is so young to do something like that.

Jake and Jaileigh

Cranky pants Michael