Friday, September 30, 2011

Little Miss and The Tractors

She is such a funny girl! She loves her babies but she likes to play tractors too. Especially when the boys are sleeping.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Hidden Meadows On Saturday

We had a busy Saturday. We took Michael to the doctor for his shots, I'm pretty sure we threw in a trip to the dollar store, then we went to the park {Hidden Meadows}. In the evening we went to Daddy's football game.

Waiting in the parking lot at the doctor's.
Jake, Anthony and Jaileigh

My three babies. These three are always together. It's either Jai and Jake or Jake and Annie or Jai and Annie or all three.
Jake, Jaileigh Annie

Michael playing ball with daddy.

Anthony/Jaileigh, Michael/Annie swinging with daddy.

Jake found the sand.

Annie wanted to play in the sand too.

She does not have any sensory issues. She loves sand! She even licked it which really grosses me out.


Watching the airplane fly over.

Michael in the sand. He is usually a little more reserved in the sand, Mr OCD.



The last one to join us, Jaileigh-Bailey


At the game playing on the bleachers.



My little sweetie pie!



Jaieligh and her tootsie pop.

Michael wanted me to take a picture of him clapping his hands. So funny.

Anthony was playing hard to snap a picture of.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Cubs vs Padres!

The Chicago Cubs were in town playing the Padres so we HAD to go!! Mike loves his Chicago Cubbies. We went on Monday night for our FHE activity. The kids loved it again. It was nice for Mike to be able to see his beloved Cubbies too.

Jaileigh and Annie sporting the Cubs gear.



Mr. Michael


The Boys
Anthony, Jake, and Michael

Jake and Anthony

Jai-Bay with her oreo.

Michael loves his oreos too.

Annie likes to lick her oreos, partially chew them and then offer them to someone else, usually me.

The boys kept bugging Mike and I to buy them Cotton Candy. They had never had it but were very intrigued by it. We finally consented and hunted down a vendor. They consumed the whole tub within minutes.


Annie was feeding Daddy her cotton candy, no chewing or licking included.

Jake looks like the sugar coma hit.

Look at Anthony's face. YUM!!!

Jaileigh and Mommy


Michael was ready to go.

I think the Cubs lost :(

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

LA County Fair Year 2

We were invited to attend the LA County Fair with Casa Colina again this year. Even though we graduated over a year ago they welcomed us back. We had a multiples day. There were 2 sets of quads, 5 sets of triplets, 1 set of twins and 2 singletons in attendance plus all the helpers. It was quite a sight.

Woodcock and DeMaria Quads in choo-choos
Morales, Morris, Valenzuela, Burns, Maldonado Triplets across the back row
Twins in red wagon {Mary}
Singles in green stroller and my {ANNIE}

My own little crew, well 4 out of the 5.
Annie, Michael, Anthony and Jakob

Security stopped us and wouldn't let us in with our choo choo's. We had to wait to get approval from the administration to use them. When we were finally approved we had a security escort in and then there was an alert put on our choo-choo's for the rest of the day. We felt like Kate Gosselin.

Waiting on security
Michael, Jake, Anthony

Jake looks so grown up

Jaileigh was very concerned

Once we got in we headed right for the petting zoo. The kids were not impressed. There is a big corral with a bunch of animals roaming around. The animals jump on people and were bigger than the kids. The felt much more confortable on the other side of the fence.
Jaileigh, Anthony, Annie, Jake

Jake, Annie
Anthony crying because his shoes were dirty. I ended up having to carry him.

Jake, Jaileigh, Annie

Anthony and Jake still looking at the animals. They had goats, sheep and cows.

There is a picture of Michael.

Anthony, Jake, Annie, Michael, Me(Amber), Jaileigh

Eating corn dogs and looking the the Clydesdale horses

Jaileigh and Jake (he wouldn't look at the camera)


Anthony wouldn't look either.


At the Shark exhibit.
Michael, Annie, Anthony, Jake, Jaileigh with the Woodcock quads

Michael trying to break in.

Petting the turtle.
Sorry these pictures are dark. Something was wrong with the camera or the operator. Not sure which.

This is Sharon or old teacher. She is hilarious and got to join us today! It was so fun seeing her again. She helped Stephanie and I out since neither one of us had helpers. Thank you!

Woodcocks and DeMaria's

Look how cute these two are.
Jake and Jaileigh holding hands.

Crazy Mommas!
Steph and Amber

Quad Momma sisters!
Steph and Amber

First and last ride of the day. The Carousal.




Annie and I sat on the swing together.

What a wonderful day we had! Thanks to all who helped organize!