Thursday, March 31, 2011

Group Shots

I decided to do group shots one day and Michael was not in the mood. He wanted the stroller with all of the toys piled in it to be part of the picture. (Sorry for the backlight in the pics)
Anthony, Michael, Annie, Jaileigh, and Jakob

He also has his shoes on the wrong feet.

The group shots weren't working so I did individuals. Jaileigh NEVER smiles and she was so smiley today.



Miss Anndalyn

Michael did eventually stop crying and smiled for me.

Jaileigh again. I was so excited she was smiling

Anthony smiling again too.

Have a happy day.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

10 and 32 months

Anndalyn Grace is now 10 months old.
Anthony Joseph, Michael Huston, Jaileigh Addison, and Jakob Thomas are now 32 months.
Happy Birthday to my beautiful babies. We celebrated with ice ceam~!

My kids don't say their "R"s yet so ice cream is ice ceam. During bath time last night Mike made homemade ice cream for the quads. A little bit too late we figured that we should have done ice cream then baths.

Jakob getting ready to drink his. Much faster that way.

Michael showing his tongue and that his ice ceam is all gone.


Anthony won the award for messiest eater.

Jaileigh trying with two spoons.

Jake was a close candidate in the messy contest.

Caroline came over to play today. She is going to Africa for a couple of weeks to do service. We are going to miss her!

Our neighbors have 4 yorkie dogs and they kids love to watch them. They always talk Caroline into lifting them over the fence. She is way too nice! I am sure if the neighbors knew they would think we were crazy.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Framing Those Beautiful Faces

For Christmas I asked for frames. We get professional pictures every 6 months and I have never printed off or framed any of them. Partly because of the cost. Frames are so expensive. My parents got us frames. Hooray! My brother made them and my parents bought them from him. I am finally getting around to putting the pictures and glass in. Hey, I'm just 3 months late. Since I rarely have a quiet childless moment the kids decided to help me. They were so excited about their pictures I had to take pictures. I got five 11x14 frames for the kids and one 25x30 frame for a family picture.

 The quaddies deciding on their frame. They love to have a choice even if they are all the same. Today was pajama day too. We hung out all day in jammies and they all didn't match.

Michael is Mr. Cheeser today.

Michael. Anthony, Jaileigh, Annie, and Jakob
Notice Annie has a chair now! Thanks Grandpa!

Two good pictures. It's a miracle. Now I just wish they were all dressed really cute and had their hair combed. Oh well, I'll settle for the smiles anyday!


Jaileigh is so hard to catch smiling. She pretends she is shy when the camera comes out.

Another attempt



Miss Annie

Michael holding the cardboard that I was using for the backing.

Jaileigh Bailey loves her picture. Her picture got cut off for some reason so I need to order a new one.


Even Annie got excited.

Anthony wanted to stare at his forever.

I finally got him to look up.


When I hang everything on the wall I'll try to remember to take a picture for you.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

She Walks, She Walks, She Really, Really Walks!

This little girl has decided to walk. She stood up last night and took five steps just like she had been walking her whole life. We are so excited but I think she is more excited. Now she can really keep up with the quads.

Michael playing a duet with Annie.

Annie, Anthony, and Jaileigh (Jaileigh dressed herself)


She loves this purse. She has to fight her brothers and sister for it because they love it too. She puts it on her arm all by herself and carries it around just like this.

Silly Anthony trying to climb again.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

The More The Merrier!

Grandma and Grandpa gave us this cool table for Christmas and we have finally put it to good use. We fit 8 babies around it for lunch.

Fun with our friends on the bouncer. This bouncer, that occupies our living room, has been one of best investments ever! The kids LOVE it and it saves my life on these rainy days.
Aiden left/green, Anthony/red, Ali and Annie, Jakob, Audrina back/middle, Michael playing the piano

Even Annie loves the bouncer. She tries to bounce just like everyone else.

Story time

Little Picasso's

These two steps are a favorite hang out at our house. I find Annie here all the time. She loves crawling up and down them. The quads love playing on them. They will bring their toys all the way from the family room and play with them here.
Michael, Jakob
Jaileigh, Audrina, Aiden

Friday, March 25, 2011

Bye Bye Gapa and Gama!

The day Grandma and Grandpa left was a sad one. The kids wandered around for a couple of days asking for them. We will have to go visit soon.
Grandpa and Daddy cleaned the suburban out. We brought the car seats in to wash them and the kids thought they were fun to play in. Grandma gave them oranges before she left.
Anthony and Annie

Annie, Jaileigh, and Anthony

Grandma and Michael

Grandma and a sad Jaileigh

Annie and her orange. She is an orange lover.

We love you Gama and Gapa!