Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Everyday Stuff

Anthony taking on the chair.

Jaileigh's serious face.

There's a big smile.

Playing legos together, peacefully too!
Jake, Annie, Michael and Anthony

Anthony with his red ball and his pink backpack that is filled with all kinds of things. I finally emptied it and it had 3 packets of knox, 3 boxes of jello, a pair of blue shorts, a stripe shirt, oscar underwear, 4 wrenchs, a set of toy keys, a cell phone, and a handful of gummy bears.

Michael kept saying, "Watch me mom, watch me, watch me mom!"

Jake's new chair, the basketball. He thinks he's calling Grandma on my phone.

Jaileigh and her baby are sharing their bench with Michael.

Movie Nights. With daddy coaching football at night we get to hang out and do fun stuff. Sometimes we have a movie night. We eat popcorn and watch a Disney movie. The popcorn tastes better in just your underwear.

Annie was throwing a fit about something.

Jake ran over to make her happy again.

Watching the movie again.

Happy 37 months!
Michael, Jaileigh, Anthony and Jakob


Annie snuck in the pantry and got into the truvia. She opened most of the packets and dumped them on the floor. She thought it was the funnest thing all day.



Michael and his tractor train.

I was taking pictures of clothes to sell and Jaileigh said "take a picture of me too."

The smallest climber.

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