Monday, August 29, 2011

3 Year and 14 Month Love-Ums

Anthony Joseph
My shy fellow
Loves the color green (also loves orange, red and brown)
Is my pack rat and hoarder. I have to empty his pockets before I do the laundry.
Likes to carry purses or backpacks to keep all his stuff in.
Loves money, keys, anything little and collectible.
Likes to wear his clothes. He is my only child that likes to be clothed. The rest would much rather be naked.
Loves to sing- at the top of his lungs too.
Loves tools, screwdrivers, wrenches, tape measures, pliers. He always has a tool in his pocket.

Michael Huston
Crawls in bed with me every night.
Loves to cuddle.
Soft heart.
Loves babies.
Can be a bully to other bullies. He takes care of what's his.
Loves to tease.
Loves blue.
Loves animals especially elephants.
Likes books and to read.
Likes to watch TV doesn't usually matter what is on, he will watch it. Really likes Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Tinga Tinga, and Big Bird (Sesame Street)

Jaileigh Addison
Extremely smart
Chatty cathy at home, the girl talks my leg off.  In public she is quiet as a church mouse, you can't get her to say two words.
Loves pink and purple
Loves princesses and babies.
Has to pick her own clothes out which results in her wearing pink everything.
Is so dainty and girlish but holds her own with the boys.
My life is full of  "Jaileigh-isms". Each day she has many quotable quotes.

 Jakob Thomas
My little devil child. So full of mischief it's crazy.
Curly hair and blue, blue eyes.
6 pack abs, legs, arms pure muscle.
Is a dare devil. Has no fear.
Loves orange and green
Loves tractors and trucks
Loves anything that Grandpa Pops does or has, including burps and toots.
When he is going to sleep, likes to hold my hand and lace our fingers together.

 Anndalyn Grace
She has NO fear.
Thinks she's one of the quads; anything they can do, she can do.
Can nod yes or no appropriately.
Says uh uh for "no", dog, down, mamma, hi, Muh for Michael, buh for bye, ouch, stop
LOVES babies and dogs.
Gives kisses and hugs.
Likes to tease the older kids by stealing their toys and running as fast as she can, then turns around and throws it at them.
Is always the first to fold her arms for prayer.
Loves to fist bump.

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