Monday, August 1, 2011

A Story About Annie and Her Rescuers

We stayed at my moms house for awhile in June. While we were there we were all very nervous about the railing in her house. Here is a picture of it. You can see how spread apart each balustrade is from the next. My kids whole bodies can slip through.

Christmas 2008
Rori, Andy, Tia and Major, Grandma and Jaileigh, Grandpa and Anthony, Mike and Michael, and Amber and Jakob

The quads know that they aren't supposed to play around the railing but Annie thought it was quite funny.She kept kicking her legs through it and then she would lean her whole body through and just laugh. We all tried to watch her but I guess one time she was too quick. We were all in the playroom playing and Jakob came running up to me. "Mommy, Annie fall, Annie fall Mommy. Come here."   What? I jumped up and followed him thinking that she had just fallen down. Nope. She had fallen through the railing. Jaileigh had caught her and was holding her by her head. Annie was also holding on with her hands. She scared me to death. I cannot believe Jake and Jaileigh were both mature enough to understand and to help. 

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