Sunday, August 14, 2011

Saturday Shots

This is what we do while we wait for Michael's shots. Everytime he has to get shots {twice a week} we have to wait 30 minutes after he gets them to make sure he doesn't have a reaction. The kids get a little cooped up in the doctors office so most of the time I take them outside.

They love to play mailman or "getting the mail"
Annie crawled in to the mailbox. I didn't grab my camera fast enough.

Then everyone had to try it.
Michael didn't fit as nicely.

Anthony guarding his mailbox and Michael guarding his. They get really possesive over their boxes.

They love to look for bugs.
Jake and Anthony

Jaileigh fit in better than Michael did.

Look what I found Mom!
Jake in his super cool glasses.

Annie running to me . . .

and away from me.

Looking at rabbit poop.

There is a rabbit that makes an appearance every once in awhile. That makes their day!

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