Friday, August 5, 2011

Pockets, Trains, Doctor, and Play-Doh

I try to remember to empty Anthony's pockets before I wash his shorts but sometimes I forget and later I find all kinds of things in the washer. Last night I emptied his pockets and thought I would take a picture of the contents.

A red truck, an angel keychain, a Washington DC keychain with a key, gluestick, a bunny and a chicken.

Miss Susan gave us her wooden train set. The kids have had so much fun playing with it. Jake will spend hours putting it together. For a kid that can't sit still I am super impressed.
Michael, Anthony, Jaileigh and Jake

Michael, Anthony, and Jaileigh

It's hard playing with Annie because she thinks it's really fun to take it apart. We have to wait until she naps to really put it together.
Michael, Jake, Jaileigh

Jake had a follow up eye appointment from February. We were supposed to go back in May or June but somehow never made it in. Dr. Dunbar was watching him for Juvenile Glaucoma but has now ruled it out. He can now be seen once a year with the rest of the gang.

Annie going through my diaper bag. Her favorite items in there were the lotion and the lipstick.

Jakob getting checked out by the intern doctor.

Wearing the cool glasses. Look at Jaileigh scratching her belly.

Checking for colorblindness

The patch test. Annie providing support.

Michael so glad it isn't his day at the doctor.

Checking the chair out.
Anthony, Jakob, Jaileigh

Anthony- he refused to smile for me.

The dilated his eyes so we had to wait for awhile.
Jakob, Michael, and Anthony

Michael and Anthony

That was the longest single child appointment ever. We left at 2:30 and didn't get home until 7:15. We were at the doctor for 3 hours. I took the kids to eat dinner after and then we went home.

Play-doh Time!
Michael, Jake, and Anthony

Jaileigh was singing.

Even Annie got her own play-doh.

The cutest video! Anthony is serenading everyone with Happy Birthday. The video is a little over 2 1/2 minutes long. Enjoy!

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