Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Lunch Time

This picture was too cute. I couldn't resist capturing it. I love photographing "stories" that I can retell. This is one of them. I had to take Annie to the doctor today for a rash on her hand. The appointment was right in the middle of nap time so no naps today. On the way home I stopped at the local greasy spoon and got them fried chicken strips, fries, and mini corn dogs. Yep, I win mother of the year award today. Jaileigh wasn't interested in lunch she wanted to nap so she isn't pictured. She is sitting on the couch screaming because she wants me to come and sit by her.

The boys eating.
Anthony, Michael, Jake

Annie with ranch all over her face. The doctor didn't know what her rash is so he referred us to a pediatric dermatologist. They can't get me in until January! Nice! I really wanted to ask the doctor for my copay back.

Michael announced he was finished and was getting down. Jake and Anthony both started to grab his food. He's telling them no they have their own food and showing it to them.

Anthony teasing him by trying to grab it.

Michael doing his stern, NO NO NO NO! Anthony and Jake mocking him and thinking it's quite hilarious.

He ended up leaving his food.

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