Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Great Park Visit

We found a bunch of new parks that are way fun.

Michael and Anthony on the "tractor"

Jake found the other tractor.

Jaileigh riding the tractor backwards. In the background you can see Annie making friends with another little girl and her mom.

Annie swinging with Jake

I dropped my camera, again, so the pictures are so bad. It was also buried in sand when we were at Camp Pendleton (not by one of my children either).
Annie and Jake

Jaileigh giving me a huge grin.

She rarely smiles for picture so I had to put both on.

Michael on the rolling log machine.

Anthony would not get off his tractor. He was afraid someone was going to steal it.

Michael swinging.

Jake's grin.

Anthony decided to try it.

No room for anyone else.
Michael, Jake, Anthony, Annie and Jaileigh

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