Friday, August 26, 2011

First Dentist Visit

All the kids had their dental visits on Wednesday and Thursday. I tried to explain to the receptionist scheduling the visits that I did not have a sitter and would be bringing 5 children BOTH days and could she please schedule them together. She didn't listen so we showed up both days with all 5 children in tow. I'm hoping that our next visit she will listen. I totally blew the photo ops on Thursday, I forgot the camera and my phone. That morning was crazy. I couldn't find my keys so we ended up being 20 minutes late. I was lucky to get there with all 5 kids.

Jaileigh was brave enough to go first. Here she is getting her x-rays taken. She was a little nervous but did great.

Michael was next.

They have a brushing station where you get to listen to music while you brush.

Michael getting his teeth cleaned.

Jaileigh was not impressed with her tooth cleaning or counting session. She did cry a little but held up pretty good.

Michael showing off his pearly whites.

Everyone got a balloon and a toy. On Thursday Jake, Anthony and Annie were seen. Jake and Anthony both cried a little because the dog scared them. The doctor has a small pug that is supposed to help calm the patients but it did the opposite with our crew. Annie was a champ. She walked around the whole office making friends and when it was her turn to have her teeth looked at (total waste of time and money in my opinion) she was the bravest one of all.

On the way home I looked back and Annie had both her fingers up her nostrils. I wasn't fast enough with the camera.

Ah, she found the hole again.

After naptime Jake wandered in where I was cleaning and fell asleep on the stair.

He was one tired little boy.

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