Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Dinner With Friends

We went over to our friends house for dinner the other night. They have the same layout as our house and their toy room is in the same room as ours is. I think our kids feel right at home in their house. They just make themselves welcome.

This is the first time playing with marbles. They kept calling them balls.

Jaileigh found a purse and is stuffing it full. Annie did really good with the marbles. She didn't even try to put them in her mouth.

Playing on the broken swing. Kevin (the other dad) is rocking them up and down.
Anthony, Michael, Jake, Jaileigh, Audrey and Tessa

My kids love Tessa and Audrey. They call them Tessa 1 and Tessa 2. I think the boys all have crushes on them.

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