Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Camp Pendleton

Our ward (church) went to Camp Pendleton for a beach party. We took the RV and were lucky enough to get to spend the night. You are only allowed into Camp Pendleton if you have a marine sponsor. Someone from our church sponsored us so we were able to stay there. We hadn't planned on sleeping over but just by chance I happened to have everything packed for the kids (jammies, blankets). We were a little light on food but managed to survive.

Tessa and Michael eyeballing each other. We think Michael has a secret crush on Tessa.


Annie with her beautiful hat. We did find out that her skin rash was exzema and she was put on some heavy duty creams for a week. She is looking much better now.

Michael in the hole.


Jake and Anthony. They loved the sand.

Anthony giving me a glazed look.

Annie. She is crazy in the sand. She kept laying in it and burying her face in it. If I tried to pick her up she screamed and threw the biggest tantrum.

Jake and Michael hiding under the sign.

Tessa's sister Audrey.

Tonja entertaining the mass of children that the two of us have. Playing ring around the rosy.

Michael, Jake, Jaileigh and Audrey

Michael found a bucket.

Annie bananeee

Jaileigh and Anthony watching the balloon toss.

Jake, Annie and Michael

Anthony and his green water balloon.

Water balloon time.

Even Annie got fistfuls.

Jake and his green one.

This is before Michael figure out how to pop the water balloons.

He figured it out and then figured out how to get his hands all sandy.

Beautiful sunset with the contest still going on.

Jake and Michael raiding the bucket.

It was pretty chilly especially when you were wet. These two are so silly.
Michael and Jaileigh

We were getting ready to go home. The kids spotted the motorcycle and were so excited.
Annie (driving), Jaileigh, Michael, Jakob, Anthony

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