Wednesday, August 3, 2011

The Birthday Bash

We decided to have the birthday party at our house this year. Allison designed our invitations again. Thank you, Allie!

Michael showing off his new zebra.

Michael surrounded by almost all the tractors. Complete bliss.

Poor Annie. Looks like she was attacked by Auntie Rori. She even has Anthony's shoes on.

Jaileigh didn't escape either. Here is her birthday hair by Rori.

Cake Time! A couple of days before the party I took the kids to Stater Brothers to pick out their cakes. They had so much fun and got so excited. Sadly, we left in tears. They were so upset because we didn't get to take our cakes home right away. It was very traumatic.

Anthony with his Oscar the Grouch cake. He is so excited! He loves green!

Michael with his Mickey Mouse cake. He is still carrying Mickey Mouse around.

Jaileigh in her "kini" with her pink princess cake.

Jakob with his tractor birthday cake. We had to get creative with the tractor cake. They only had a jeep safari cake so I told them not to put the jeep on it and I put a tractor on.

The party wouldn't be complete without Elmo cupcakes!

Singing Happy Birthday.
Jaileigh, Anthony, Michael, and Jakob

Jaileigh and Anthony examining their cakes.

Mommy lighting the candles.

Anthony enjoying being serenaded.

Jakob taking the first big bite.

Jaileigh and Anthony digging in.


Michael eyeing his Mickey Mouse.

Yummy! The boys definitely like the cake!

Anthony and Michael plotting together.

Grandma and Jaileigh smooching.

Grandpa Pops and his Jaileigh-bug

Annie really wanted one of those messy cupcakes. Auntie Rori must have caved and given it to her.

Next post will be the Birthday Party Bash Part II

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Hilary said...

How fun!!! THe girls hair looks cute too :) Great birthday fun ;) Can't believe they are 3?!?!!!