Thursday, August 4, 2011

The Birthday Bash Part 2

. . . . . .Continuing from The Birthday Bash post.

For the party we set up two pools and the waterslide. I also had the rice sensory table filled with car stuff. We served BBQ, Honey BBQ, and Cafe Rio (sweet) pulled pork sandwiches, chips and salsa, veggies, watermelon, cantaloupe, grapes, strawberries, cherries, bananas, stuffed spinach pizza, garlic knots, water, and soda. For dessert we had cake, Elmo cupcakes, and mini vanilla and red velvet cupcakes, and brownies.

We had 2 sets of quadruplets and a set of triplets there plus another 12 little kids. That is a lot of little ones! It was so much fun.

The boys taking the new water toy for a test ride.
Anthony, Michael and Jakob.

No fear from these three!

Hi mom!

Tummy sliders. Anthony, Michael and Jakob looking a little on the dangerous side.

Who needs to use the ladder? Let's just climb up the way we came.

View of some of the party goers.

Bill and Kari assisting the sliders.

Our extended families.
Tanyon, Blair, Parker, Grandma, Jaileigh, and Madison

Another view.

The girls, Jaileigh and Annie, suffered from a little stage fright. They both needed to be held for quite awhile before the felt safe and secure again. If I put Annie down she screamed.
Parker, Amber with Annie, Grandma with Jaileigh, and Kari.

Bathing beauties. The Fab four caught together.

Lounging around. I love the look on Jaileigh's face.

The MANLY table.
Parker, Tanyon, Mike, Pops, Anthony

The Ladies section.

The lovely Megha and Jakob.

Bill, Annie and Mike enjoying some quality time. Bill finally got Annie off of my lap. He was teaching her to dump water on herself with the water bottle cap. He would fill it with water and give it to her.

Mommy (Amber) and Jaileigh.

Bill and his crew. Jakob Anthony and Annie.

Mommy and Jakob

Ed with his strawberry smile. Megha, Rori, and Sarah. Megha, Sarah, and Karen started out as my friends from work/school and Rori jumped in and became fast friends too. So much fun!

Rori and Megha.

Mommy and Jaileigh.

Megha and her buddy Anthony.

Jaileigh and her boyfriend Bill.

Ah there's a smile from her.

Annie playing in the window.

Our quad friends have arrived! The Woodcock family.

Maddison and Seth braving the slide

Blair bear and Michael- such a cute picture!

Some of the kids enjoying the pool.

Jake in the new "pool"

Tiffany and Ramon our neighbors.

Present time.

Meggles and Annie enjoying the show.

All right! A ginormous Mr. Potato Head from Megha!

Playing Mr. Potato Head

\Sweet Jake opening his crayons.

Our future Professor Michael, reading. Once he found the books he was done with presents.

Karen showing Jake the appropriate colors to paint the walls when Mommy isn't looking.

Jaileigh loves her new pencil box.

Bill explaining to Annie the uses of colored pencils.

Tasha was one of our primary nurses in the NICU. We will always be grateful to them for saving our babies lives and for taking such good care of them.
Tasha and her daughter Maddison

Annie showing off her new pencil case.

Megha caught playing with Mr. Potato head.

"Hi, my name is Michael. You're pretty."

Karen, Rori, and Grandpa Pops


Grandma, Amber, Rori and Grandpa

Rori thinks this picture is hilarious and ordered me to post it. I am trying to copy how my brother used to flare his nostrils out.

Juggling babies.
Kennedy, Me (Amber), Annie

It started raining a little and then it got dark so the party moved indoors.
Amber with a Woodcock quad, Annie/Pops, Mike, Kevin

The crane was a big hit with all kids, big and small.
Michael, Peyton, Luke, and McKenzie

Tessa our friend.

What are you two doing in the house?
Carter and Annie

Enjoy the ball-less ball pit.

What a wonderful, successful party! Thank you to all that came and all that helped pull it off. It was amazing!

Guest List
Mom, Dad, Anthony, Michael, Jaileigh, Jakob, Annie 
Grandma, Grandpa Pops, Rori
Tanyon, Kari, Blair, Parker, Madison, Rylee
Bill- minus his significant other, Gina
Anthony, Mandy, Allison, Aiden, Andrew, Audrina
Rich, Stephanie, Peyton, Kennedy, McKenzie, Presley, Carter
Sarah and Ed
Ramon, Tiffany, Haley, Malaiya
Kevin, Tonja, Katie, Luke, Audrey, Tessa
Tasha, Mom, Jake, Seth, Maddison
Grace, Hubby, Natalie

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