Tuesday, August 2, 2011

3 Year Well Baby

We went in for the quads 3 year well baby visit today (8/1). It was our easiest doctor visit yet. They were so good. They had to get weighed, blood pressure, height, and then undressed so Dr Ambrose could check them out. He asked about the teeth, speech, potty training, where the slept, and how amazed he was at how well they were doing. He said they were all perfect, gave them their gummy bears, and sent us on our way.

Here are the stats.

Height 38 1/2 in    75%
Weight 30 lbs   25%

Height 37 3/4 in    50%
Weight 35 lbs   50%

Height 37 in    50%
Weight 27 lbs   25%

Height 37 3/4 in    50%
Weight 31 lbs   50%

Anthony, Michael, Jake, and Jaileigh

I love Michael and Jaileigh's smiles.

We decided to go to Victoria Garden's to play in the fountains. I didn't bring swimsuits. Next time I will remember! They walked like this the whole way. Jake kept saying, "Mommy no stroller, hold hands."
Anthony, Jaileigh, Michael, and Jake

They look so old!

Anthony held Annie's hand and walked her over. It was so cute. Such a good big brother.

He's putting his arm around her now.


Jake, Anthony, Jaileigh, and Annie

Michael joined them finally. He is on the far right.

Getting braver.

Jake is so happy.

Annie was laughing too.


Michael kept running over to me saying, "Huh Mommy?" I say, "I love you." He'd say, "Oh, okay" and run back.


Michael and Jaileigh


Jaieligh and Anthony trying to share the blanket. It was really warm. It was 100 degrees when we left.

Annie. I really don't know why the doctor called her chunky today.

Annie jumped in the driver seat while I was changing the other kids clothes. She thought that was so fun.

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The McCleary Quads said...

Wow they looks so big and grown up in those pictures. Ours have started to do the hand holding also, but sometimes not very long. Can't wait till they are able to do it all the time so we don't have to carry them or use their wagon. They won't ride in stollers anymore.