Thursday, February 17, 2011

Wild Burros In The Rainstorm

We went with our triplet friends to look at wild burros on Wednesday, yesterday. It was raining like crazy and we weren't sure we were going to see them.

Here is a picture during the rain. If you look really hard you can see the wild burros (donkeys).

The rain letting up a bit.

The rain stopped and the donkeys are coming out of hiding.

There ended up being 45-50 donkeys in the canyon.

The lady that brought us up the canyon feeds and waters them so they don't wander out of the canyon looking for food and find the city.

Ali and little Jaileigh bug

Rhonda, Michael, and Anthony and the PINK watering truck. My kids loved this truck and still talk about it.


Andrew doing a little rain dance

Oh NO! The two curly-heads cannot hook up. They would have afro babies!
Jakob and Audrina

Group shot with the donkeys.
Amber with Michael and Anthony, Ali and Jaileigh, Jake, Audrina, Mandy with Andrew and Aiden

Michael is so cute!

Anthony did not like the donkey poopies that were all over.

We went back to the Fiores house and played. Can you believe 8 kids are playing with this one toy? Annie even joined in. She thinks she's one of the "big" kids.

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