Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Where Did Jakey Go?

One evening Jakob disappeared. This is NOT a good thing. That kid is the devil child. He can crawl up, in, on, around, and through ANYTHING. He is the reason I am getting old. I found him in the bouncer reading quietly to himself. By the time I got the camera the other boys had joined him. Even though he is my demon child he is also my sweetest baby. He has the hugest heart. If anyone is crying he immediately tries to help them. Many nights when I am nursing Annie and he is sitting next to me he will reach over and cover Annie with his blankie. I love that kid!

Anthony, Jake, Michael

Yum! Homemade granola bars dripping down Jaileigh's face.
Jaileigh, Anthony, Michael

"Uh, excuse me, where's mine?" Annie

My sweet baby girl really thinks she is one of the quads.

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