Friday, February 4, 2011

Uh Oh, Down The Toilet We Go!

It has been quite the week at our house. Thanks to my kids for keeping the blog updated for daddy. Now I am out of kids to update I guess its my turn. They put me through the wringer this week. I am sure that they are so sick of seeing me all day every day, when Daddy comes home they aren't going to want anything to do with me. Ah, that means relaxation time for me, right?! Ha, only in my dreams.

The highlights of this week include lots of poop, puke, thrown eggs, spilled food of every kind, Nutella and red vines smeared on the white carpet, 6 doctor appointments toting 5 kids, 21 meals, endless amounts of dishes and laundry, millions of tantrums, 1 lost pair of shoes (still have the kid that belongs in the shoes), 2 missed garbage trucks, 5 boxes of girl scout cookies now located on my thighs, uncountable smiles and laughs! What a week! I truly appreciate all the help Mike gives me.

The kids decided to keep things lively on our last day. They got up at 6 :00 am (Jakob 5) and we got dressed and jumped in the car by 7:00 a.m. Jakob had a follow up eye appointment for his 1 in a millionth chance of having juvenile glaucoma.  We traveled an hour due to traffic and saw Dr. Dunbar. She said Jakob's eye pressures were awesome. Last time Jakob got 21 which is a high/normal pressure. This time it was 13 and 14. She thinks he was testing high because he was excited. We don't get to go back for 3-4 months now. Hooray!

Jake playing with the equipment.

Kari met us there. The kids were so excited to see her. They really are so tired of me.
Kari and Michael

Oh, boy! I am in trouble when this girl is a teenager. Look at that attitude already.

Annie had a good time and didn't even cry in the car.

Jake with his "cool" glasses. They dilated his eyes so he got these. Of course everyone was jealous.

Anthony and the backpack. I am going to see this kid on hoarders some day. He loves to fill large containers with "stuff" and carry them around. I am constantly emptying his collections. Funny boy!

Silence means trouble! There was silence while I was changing Jaileigh's poopy diaper and this is where I found these hoodlums. . . .
in the bathroom.
Michael, Anthony, Jakob

and look, they were helping me empty the trash. As I was taking pictures Jake reached over and flushed the toilet. I almost had a heart attack thinking it was going to overflow.

Yep, the entire contents of the garbage in the toilet.

I layered garbage bags on my hands and fished everything out. Anyone who knows me knows how much I hate toilets. I have toiletphobia.

The kids were put down for naps early today and finally they are all napping! We have to take Annie to the doctor this afternoon and tonight Mike will be home. Hooray! Thanks for all your prayers. They were truly felt.


Suzy said...

UGH, I have toiletphobia, too! Complete with nightmares about them! I would die if this happened to me ... my kids better watch it! lol

Jenney said...

The toilet may have sent me over the edge.

I literally found your blog by hitting "next blog" which I never ever do. Just feeling adventurous tonight. And I love it.

Nice to "meet" you. My name is Jenney.