Thursday, February 3, 2011

Thankful Thursday

Dear Daddy,

It's Mikey here.  We had the best day today. Our friend Caroline came to play with us. She played horsey and ran all over the house with us. We had so much fun. Crazy mommy forgot to take pictures though. Sometimes she is forgetful. None of us wanted to nap. We were so excited that Caroline came that we couldn't sleep. Mommy took us to the Yellow Basket for lunch and then we took Jakey to the doctor. I wanted to stay home because everytime we go to the doctor I have to get owie's (shots). Mommy promised that Jakey was seeing the doctor not me. I made sure to tell the doctor it was Jakey's turn, just in case he forgot. Jakey was scared and started crying. I think he thought he was getting owie's. The doctor said he has a sinus infection. He gets to take medicine. The doctor let Jaileigh and Annie hold his tools so Mommy could take a picture. He was nice.

Jaileigh was a little upset. She wanted off the table so she could look through all the drawers.

Anthony was enjoying the pillow

Oh, here I am.

The doctor was watching us, it looks like Annie is the only one that likes him.
Boy, does she have a lot to learn.
Jake, Jaileigh, Annie, Anthony, and me (Mikey)

The doctor gave Annie his stethoscope and Jaileigh his notoscope.  He said that should make us smile. He really liked this picture and wants a copy. When we were leaving he made mommy show it to his nurse.

After the doctor we got to play by the water. It was cold!




Mommy was afraid they were going to fall in.
Jaileigh, Anthony, Jakey

Karen read to us tonight. She came home from work early and played with us. We love "Kiwi"!

Annie plays hide and seek with mommy now. Mommy says "I'm gonna get you" and Annie crawls as fast as she can away from her.

Daddy we are excited to see you soon.

Love you!


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Sunny said...

They are so yummy, Amber! I miss you guys so much! I used to take colored pencils or pens for my kids to color on the paper at the dr.s office. They would take little cars and drive on roads they would draw. Brings back memories seeing them! :) XOXO