Tuesday, February 1, 2011

It's The Princess!

Dear Daddy-

It's the princess, Jaiwee DeMah. Mommy says I get to write the letter tonight. Let's see, what shall I tell you. Well first of all, I was the BEST one today. I only screamed and threw ten tantrums, none of it was my fault of course! Now that that is out of the way let's get down to business.

First off we went to the doctor for Mikey's allergy shots. Annie had a bad morning. She cried all the way to the doctor and she made us 30 minutes late because mommy was trying to feed her so she wouldn't cry. Then at the doctor she pooped a big one. It was really gross, everyone heard her tooting. Mommy changed her in the car and it got on my car blanket and all over Annie's clothes.  Then we went to Walgreens, then came home. We were going to go to the store to get Mikey a toy but he fell asleep in the car. At nap time Anthony,  Annie and I napped. The other two were naughty and wouldn't sleep. 

We played kitchen.
Jakey and I



Anthony was mad because he wanted a fork but mommy couldn't understand what he was saying.

Here I am with lunch. 
 (I'm really looking for a place to hide my burger so the boys don't steal it. sshhhh don't tell)

Jakey was hogging ALL the food. He made Anthony cry because he wanted some.


Jakey with a little bit of snot, he's not feeling so hot.

Mikey he's got  the snots too.

Annie's cute little piggies

After lunch mommy let us play with markers. We were so excited!

Jake is showing off his picture. He says its for GaPee. (Grandpa)

We couldn't color until we ate our lunch so Michael was showing mommy he ate his chicken.

lining up my markers. Mommy says I'm OCD like her.

Michael signing "please"



"cheese face"


Annie found the pantry today.

I love pink, can you tell?

Anthony really likes markers

Then we got to use scissors. We aren't very good with them so we have to practice and be very careful.




After markers and scissors we wanted crayons. Instead of coloring with them we peeled them.

Anthony peeling his


We got to go outside.

Annie played in her excersaucer.

Michael showed off his mad riding skills.

Anthony and his contraband (stolen ritz crackers from the pantry)

We were pretty good today. Just a few tantrums nothing too dramatic. We miss you and want you to come home.


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Amber said...


I miss you very much. I will be home soon. I love you and tell mommy and your brothers and sister I love them too.

Love, Daddy