Thursday, September 30, 2010

A Horse Named Horse

Our Daddy brought a new pet home. . . . a horse that they have named horse.

Anthony and Jakob got to ride first. Michael is petting it.

Michael, Anthony, Jakob, and Jaileigh

Michael finally got on.

It must have been to squishy for Anthony

When they went to bed that night they had to put Horse to bed too. They made sure he laid down and had a blanket over him.


Michael taking his turn


Jaileigh and Michael

Jaileigh enjoying her ride

Jaileigh really wanted Annie to have a turn. Jaileigh really does weigh more than Annie.

The kids decided to play "night, night". They got their blankets, laid down and had me cover them. Anthony, of course, is running away because I was trying to take a picture.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Happy 4th Month Birthday Anndalyn

Happy Birthday to the quaddies and to Anndalyn. The quads are 26 months old and Annie is now 4 months old. Wow time flies.

Here are some of the things she is doing now:

* Laughs! She loves her siblings. She'll watch them and just laugh.
* Rolls from back to front and front to back. She loves being on her tummy. If you lay her on her back she immediately flips over onto her belly. I think she likes her tummy because she can see what is going on.
* Scoots around like she is trying to crawl
* Brings toys to her mouth
* Talks a lot, squeals, gurgles, coos!
* Can sit for brief moments, probably because of all her fat rolls.
* Tracks people and objects around the room
* Can stand with assistance
* Likes to be read to
* Loves to chew on things especially her hands and feet,  but will not take a bottle or a pacifier
* Blows bubbles
* Recognizes her family members
* Still sleeps in the bassinet next to mommy
* Is wearing 6-9 month clothes and size 2 diapers

I look at this list I can't help comparing it to my quads. At four months old they were still sleeping most of the time. There adjusted age was 1 month old and that is what they acted like. I didn't realize how far behind they used to be until I had Annie. It has been so nice to have a healthy full term baby. I feel so blessed to have this opportunity to enjoy.

My sweet Annie

I put Annie in the corner of the couch to play and one by one the quads sat down with her. It was a picture moment but as soon as I pulled the camera out they started moving.
Annie, Jaileigh, Michael, Jakob, and Anthony

Triplets Birthday Party

Last Friday we attended our triplet friends 2nd birthday party. Sadly, I didn't get one picture of our friends. I was a bad photographer that day. Sorry. I did get some cute ones of my kiddos though. We met our friends, the Fiores, at Loma Linda Hospital. The babies were roommates. Our room was the "multiples room". We had quads, triplets, and twins in there with us. Not at the same time but through the course of our stay. We have remained friends with the Fiore family and meet up several times a year for playdates. They were born almost exactly 2 months after our quads. They just turned two on Sept 27. Happy Birthday to the Fiores!

Michael and Anthony in the jumper.

Jaileigh with Michael hiding

Jakob loving the jumper

Jaileigh showing her two bows.

Jaileigh and Anthony being silly

Jakob, Jaileigh and Anthony

Michael being silly

Michael and Jaileigh


Daddy and Annie

Jaileigh trying to throw the ball



Annie with her lovely bow : )

Sucking her bottom lip is a new trick she just picked up

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Friends, Playdates and Parks

Our friends Bill and Gina are back. Hooray! Friday morning they came over for a playdate. The kids had so much fun with them.

I love this picture. Michael is in his own little world. Jaileigh is hamming it up with her costume and her puzzle. Anthony has one crazy sock on and I'm sure he's trying to talk Gina into something.

If you look closely you can see all 5 of the DeMaria children playing quite happily with Bill and Gina. That is talent! Entertaining 5 kids singlehandedly.

Jaileigh working on her tower. She was the only one that would build, the boys just wanted to wreck the towers.


Jaileigh giving a look

Tackle hugs. Jaileigh loves her brothers. Jake is getting the loves here.

That evening we went to a local park that was new to us. They loved the "new" equipment.
Jake and Michael practicing going over the bridge.

The crew together for a few seconds


Anthony, Jaileigh and Michael

Jaileigh- Yuck! I'm sure she is getting all kinds of germs in her mouth.

Practicing her driving skills


Anthony was really hungry

Jake and his pinecones

Annie playing on the blanket

Anthony and his pizza again.

Michael driving

Jake- this toy was the highlight of the whole night. They loved going up this and then down the slide.

Hope your weekend was fabulous!