Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Quad Playdate Pictures

We had a play date at the park with two sets of our quad friends on Saturday and on Sunday a set of our quad friends and our triplet friends came over for dinner. Here is a picture overload of Saturday. Sunday Mike was in charge of pictures and we got a total of THREE! So. . . . we will have to redo Sunday again someday.

Michael always ready for a picture.

Jaileigh with her little teeny tiny itsy bitsy pony tail. Mike was a little embarrassed that I put pants on under her dress but it was a little chilly out. I think its cute.

Peyton leading the boys back to the quad camp. Peyton is a big brother to our quad friends from right here in California. Jakob loves him and follows him around like a little puppy.
Fellow quad mom Stephanie and her beautiful babies. She has the exact opposite of us- 3 girls and a boy plus Peyton. Jaileigh loved the babies. She sat next to them for a long time and made sure they all had pacifiers or toys. She is usually such a stinker!
Jaileigh taking care of baby Carter
Eli and Mike sharing quad stories
Michael, Max(?), and Jakob running awwwaaaayyyyyy. . . .

Jaileigh and Jakob

Having fun in the wide, open, grass

Dafna and Michael having a "moment"

Jaileigh is still taking care of the babies
Anthony taking a break
Can you find all the quaddies? There are 9 in this picture.
Anthony, Jakob, and Sky (?). I am hoping that Anthony was sharing and not stealing.
Stephanies beautiful 4 month old quaddies. They were the youngest of the 3 sets.
Peyton and Jaileigh
Aurelia is telling Stephanie a story.  Dafna and Eli have 15 month quads, 3 boys and 1 princess just like us. They were visiting from Nevada. We were so glad they stopped to visit us. It was so fun to meet another quad family.
Peyton is surrounded by my little ones who think he is the neatest!
Getting ready for a group shot. Eli and his 4, Amber and my 4, Stephanie with her 5. You can see that Jaileigh is showing her true colors. Yes, Anthony has a sprite bottle. No, I don't let them drink soda. Bottles make the best toys! They can entertain for hours.

What a perfect picture! Dafna and her four, Mike and I and our four, and Stephanie and her five
Attempting a shot with the momma's

When Dafna and Eli were ready to go they were loading their stroller and 2 of mine decided to climb aboard. Michael and Jakob must like their stroller better than ours OR they like whats inside the stroller. Hmmmm.

Here are the three pictures from our Quad-Quad-Triplet date.

Jakob and Jaileigh playing with Alison, the triplets big sister.
Anthony and the hose

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Play Date Quad Style

13 children between 3 families. 3 sets of quadruplets and 1 big brother. WOW! What a fun day we had.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Finally . . . New Pictures

Snack time on the floor. Jake, Jaileigh, Anthony, and Michael

Anthony is kissing Jaileigh's toe for some reason

and now he thinks he is funny

Michael messing with Jaileigh's feet now. She isn't thinking this is funny anymore.
Anthony is giving Jakob a ride on the lawn mower while Michael watches
Future blackmail picture of Michael. I'm sure daddy isn't too happy about this. Hey, he's well rounded!
Anthony practicing for when he has a real one.
Jaileigh ready for work- I guess she's well-rounded too. Look how cute Anthony is in the background.
Michael wanted his picture taken too.
Jake's going to work too.

Friday, April 16, 2010

We Travel Together, Thank You

I have noticed lately that the babies tend to stick together when they are playing. We have thousands of toys to play with so they could all be doing their own thing. For the most part they play together and then move on to the next thing. I really noticed this when I started taking them to a play class on Tuesdays and church on Sunday. In the classes they travel together from activity to activity. They do play with the other kids too and include them in whatever they are doing but they really seem to like each other.  There are times too, when they each need their alone time and they will break off and do their own thing.

Michael (blue), Jaileigh (pink), Jakob (green), and Anthony (red) 

Jake with his golf clubs watching Jaileigh and Michael investigate the bike

and on to the BBQer

True Love! Sitting in the weeds with the kids has to be a sign of true love!
Jakob, Michael, Anthony, and Jaileigh with Gina

Jaileigh, Bill, Anthony, and Michael

Jakob found the best seat! Anthony is telling them a story.

What could be better- weeds, babies, sunny days, and great friends!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

We Love To Brush Our Teeth!

Thank goodness for me! I can't imagine trying to chase 4 toddler to try and brush their teeth. They love to do it and they will even remind me if I forget.

Michael, Anthony, and Jakob

Jaileigh, Michael, Anthony, and Jakob

Jaileigh is showing her excitement. Michael and Anthony watching her do her thing.